• Alexandra


    Social activist, founder of the World Human Forum and the ActionAid Hellas,, co-founder of Action Finance Initiative.

    The 10 World Human Forum DELPHIC MOTTOS


    1. Seeds of change>

    Bring together self-empowered and responsible citizens who act as agents of change 

    2. A Catalyst>

    Create a place of convergence and reference for change processes led in a bottom-up way 

    3. Critical mass>

    Create a critical mass to impulse the urgent transformation 

    4. Interdisciplinarity>

Allow a new Renaissance effect by abolishing silos among ALL disciplines 

    5. Know thyself>

    Personal transformation - mind, spirit, body - is a prerequisite for external social change 

    6. Human scale>

    Small meetings to facilitate the emergence of personal relations of trust and friendship 

    7. Every day – Everywhere>

    An ongoing worldwide process 

    8. All Peers> 

    Breaking down the glass ceiling between élites and ordinary citizens 

    9. Micro-Mega>

    Strongly impact oriented, combine Global Questions with Local Answers 

    10. Omphalos>

    Unique & symbolic positioning (Delphi) where Artificial Intelligence meets Ancestral Intelligence

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10 - 14 October 2019

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