• Chloe


    musician, performer and recording artist, founder of The Naked Voice

    Singing can cut through personal history and get right to the heart of the matter and to the soul of who you are.

    Your naked voice is also a unique bridge between you and the rest of the world. Naked Voice Wisdom explores vocal sound as a transformative catalyst for the evolution of conscious loving relationships. Once fully embodied, your unique sound dissolves alienation and loneliness, transforms depression into longing and belonging, navigates conflict co-creatively, restores coherence, harmonizes cultural differences, ignites the compassionate heart, and inspires courageous outcomes.


    Once found, your true voice becomes a shining torch that unearths shadow, melting the frozen music of personal history. Your natural sound and the singing melodies of your soul, bypass the rational mind, and activate a quality of surrender or kenosis (letting go) that releases self-limiting beliefs, possessive and narcissistic habits of mind. As self-confidence returns, self-remembrance arises from within, re-uniting you with your sovereign Self. 

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10 - 14 October 2019

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