• Janusz Leon


    Writer best known for his novel Loneliness on the Net, chemist and computer scientist 

    What makes us humans? Definitely not our chemical foundations. More then 99% of our DNA is identical with that of bonobos and 84% with dogs. A few simple manipulations (such techniques are not so far ahead) and our DNA would be a one to one identical with that of bananas. 

    Even though we - humans - dramatically differ from our animal peers. We are one and only species who can use imagination, is capable of abstract thinking, can introduce inovations, write books, compose symphonies so sad, that other humans cry listening to them. But also invent bombs who can destroy the whole cities within a few seconds. As the only known species capable of all these we are also able to understand how important is to realize that we and we only are responsible for the world. I venture to claim that exactly the awarness of this responsibility make us humans. More than any chemistry ever invented...

10 - 14 October 2019

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