• Kaie


    Social innovation facilitator, trainer and researcher, studying and fostering community-led social change, semiotic expert and consultant, founder and CEO in semiotic insight company Padmare

    We know what the problems are. What's more, we know the solutions. Why don't we see any change? I started to research this also academically and I found that this is closely connected to our perception of who are we, what we believe is our core identity. Changing the habitual practices is not only the change in how we do things but implies a redefinition of who we are.

    There are many areas where we can no longer afford not to make a change. Marginalization, social exclusion, loss of biodiversity, climate change, irreversible damage to clean water and more. My main interest is in how to build human communities, organizations and networks that can meet such challenges. I am also increasingly convinced that such learning-based and the innovation-oriented organization provides a completely different platform for development for every person involved in that organization to a new level of awareness and self-perception.

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10 - 14 October 2019

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