• Pier Luigi


    Biochemist specialising in the phenomena of self-organisation of chemical systems and their emergent properties in the origin of life.

    Author with Fritjof Capra of the book The systems view of life, and The emergence of life. 

    Initiator of the interdisciplinary “Cortona-week” at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and member of the Mind and Life Institute. 

    Today there is worldwide concern over ecological problems and climate change in particular. There is much to be concerned about, and the rage and anxiety felt by those most affected is exacerbated by the indifference of the majority of influential governments.

    Precisely because of the pressure of these ecological issues, we may underestimate the threat posed to our present globalized society by the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The parallel field of great concern, and in a way also parent with AI, is the human genetic manipulation at the level of embryo and germline DNA. 

    The point to be arisen and discussed is in my opinion particular the following: that in addition to the practical outcomes of these AI products, the almost silent spreading of AI in our life brings about silent changes in our human values up to the level of human consciousness. Although it would be absurd to start a crusade against AI and its products- we are all already half cyborgs - it is important to become aware of all this and, most importantly, to put in guard the new generations. 

10 - 14 October 2019

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