• Sergey


    Entrepreneur and financier,  

    whose investment activity centres on blockchain technology, education, artificial intelligence and neural networks, co-Founder of QIWI Plc 

    On the one hand, philanthropic projects can be successful as businesses, and on the other, they can bring substantial social benefits. Due to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs, there are more and more projects like this. “Ys” and “Zs” think much more about meanings and about the environment.


    I had a certain image form in my mind: here you are, chasing the money, you are in a competitive sporting mood, and at some point, it’s transformed allowing philanthropic initiatives to emerge. This is a rethinking of the run and business goals. ... Previously, what was the classic model like? You are working for many years, accomplishing something, and then you realize that it’s about time to do some philanthropic work. I want to change this model. I generally like changing conventional models.


    You can learn most things in the process if you are passionate about the idea and the process.

10 - 14 October 2019

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